How We Have Improved Our Products This Year

How We Have Improved Our Products This Year

Our commitment to you is that we are continually looking for ways to improve our offerings. To move with greater harmony & respect for this planet. To be conscious that as we create, we destroy. Behind every decision we make as a business resides the considerations: Are we honouring the laws of nature and is it in the bests interests of the end user so that they might more purposefully realise that the Earth has and always will be our greatest teacher.

Below are some of the changes we have incorporated into how we go about sourcing raw ingredients and hand making our products:


Vitamin E Oil

All our Balm products contain a certified organic vitamin E oil. But not just any source - Wild Harvested strictly from Sunflowers this vitamin E has a full plant purity unlike any other in the world.

Essential Oils

We are continuously looking for certified organic, pure essential oils. We take great care to source local to Australia where possible. It's a great passion of ours to keep the vast majority of our sourcing from within our own backyard.

Ingredient Disclosure

We are one of very few skin care companies that fully disclose every single one of our ingredients. We have no fear of being copied and we have nothing to hide. If its not made by nature, it's not made for you!

Against The Grain Health is about returning to nature yes, but it's also about demonstrating that a business doesn't have to be motivated by the typical contentious business environment to be successful. We strive to show other individuals and business owners that if you stick to your integrity for long enough, you will attract a like minded community of people equally passionate about what you stand for and experience a success that's truly fulfilling.


Continuing to build an ongoing relationship with our Noble Beekeeper. This is a man who is truly a humble servant of the Bee and has been a part of this business since its inception 4 years ago. For over 70 years Mr Smith has nurtured his hives and carried them throughout many years of drought and hardship. Whilst he has not engaged the organic certification process, his Eucalyptus bee farm is well over 100 kilometres from any crop farm that would use harmful pesticides and herbicides. As far as we are concerned, Mr Smith is a pollinators hero. Thanks for all you do mate and thank you to your bees for creating such a precious wax that has helped 1000's of people all over Australia.


New Products

Carbon 60 Balm

6 months ago we launched 'Carbon 60 Balm' and it very quickly elevated to our best seller. We are not surprised in its popularity and medicinal effectiveness given the collaboration of the precious ingredients.

So much positive feedback has flooded in. This truely is a balm from the Gods. Majority of the feedback is around its skin rejuvenation and rapid alleviating qualities when it comes to pain, inflammation, blemishes, scars, & wounds. But also, we have had significant success in reducing if not completely clearing the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, rosacea.


Face Cleanser

- Since we are a curious bunch and we love to create... we decided to launch a Custom Creations range so that we could experiment with some new recipes. From that emerged the most beautiful facial cleanser. With locally sourced lemon myrtle hydrosol, it was gonna be hard to let this one go. So we decided to keep it on as a full time product. Thank you to all of you that let us know how much you enjoyed it!

New Technology

We have collaborated with Miracle products, a Sunshine Coast local food supplement business, for a couple of years now and they brought some very special technology to our attention. A technology we have now incorporated into our Balm Laboratory and into all of our products.

Scalar Wave & Quantum Sound Technology.

Without offering a short course on Quantum Physics I can put this very simply so our online community can relate. Everything is energy, before its a physical manifestation. When it comes to our bodies, theres an innate intelligence that works on the spectrum of energy that surrounds the physical - an outer shell that is invisible if you like. Ultimately, when the receptors on your cells encounter a substance they are asking. Is this alive? Can I use it? Is it safe? When it comes to most mass produced raw ingredients, they have been so utterly tampered with that by the time they get to you, your body is left with the scraps of what was once a very vibrant and alive product of the natural world. It all comes down to what's called 'Bioavailability', that that product on a molecular level alive, spinning and in a state that our cells can resonate with. Is it available. For most mass produced skin care, the answer is barely, if at all.

Since our mission is to literally feed your skin and deliver potent plant extracts that transcend skin deep beauty, its of vital important to us that we offer you products that are quantum physically alive!

Every single one of our raw ingredients and products are now Dynamically Restructured with Advanced Tesla Scalar Technology. Which means, they are going to be far more effective at being absorbed and utilised by the skin. This and the fact our ingredients are of the highest quality, is a big reason behind why none of our products are sticky, greasy or tacky in anyway.

This technology is also an important step in mitigating the risks of dangerous Electromagnetic Frequency Interferences from radio frequencies such as phones, WIFI, and 4/5g Towers. Below is some informative links, should you want to understand more deeply. Otherwise feel free to contact us via email for more information or if you are interested in purchasing one for your home.

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*Please lmk if you would like to place an order and if finance needs to be arranged.

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