Love Like A Mothers Love

Love Like A Mothers Love

Love Like A Mothers Love!

Every step within the ATG vortex is created by the hands and hearts of those who love and care deeply for the divine feminine. The mothers to be, those that have been and those here now. We honour ourselves enough to honour the precious children who are the flame of the future... 
A day in the life of a mother can be incredibly demanding...
To ride the waves of e-motion, a good dose of downtime in needed. 
Taking time to be present and to build balance mentally, emotionally and physically is an art from in itself.
An imaginative journey through the landscape of chilling
as a mother with ATG products at hand!
You are at home on a cold autumn evening all rugged up in your favourite slippers with a warm tonic in your hand after the kids have gone to bed. The gentle sound of the rain outside brings you a sense of stillness that you've been craving all day in the creative chaos of being a mother. 
You remember that you just invested in organic handmade skin care products for yourself because you feel as though in order to be the best mum you can be, you must invest in your own self care ritual. 
You have a sense of joy in your heart as you remember and crack open a fresh tub of Carbon 60 Balm. Warming this delicious balm between your hands you apply to your face and neck with some good old tender loving care.
You feel yourself soften even deeper into your being as you melt into the couch. Taking another sip of the steaming, delicious ATG tonic, you reach for your Jade Gua Sha; softly stroking it along your face and neck, smoothing the fascia and easing the residing emotion still resting on your expression.
Reflecting on your day you remember that now is where the magic is. And that this opportunity of the deeply felt moment is always there for you to drop into. With yourself and with your family.

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A Poem - From a Loving Man to his Woman...

My lover my lover my lover. ⁠
You've always been my favourite heart party. ⁠
Even when the you I see, sometimes lays under cover. ⁠
What is within you is within me now. ⁠

Not a heart beat missed. ⁠
Not a single lesson without this blessing. ⁠
Just another test of ones intellect and the wisdom of our hearts. ⁠
Another path to digress. Intuitive zest. Oh yes. Oh yes. ⁠

Come back to the start and talk through this stress to clear the mess. Indeed. Indubiously. Inward we go. ⁠
I see your heart beat meet deep this sand. ⁠
To sink and fall by oceans demand. ⁠
To let go control. ⁠
Woman. Wo... For it to touch this mans land. ⁠
I wont seek to demand. ⁠
To balance our offerings in mutuality. ⁠

Your divine process and humility streak,⁠
can be met by the way to more play. ⁠
Come let us stray from the bleak foray ⁠
Your elation, not mine to capture. ⁠
Not like us to cease creation, nor cast doubt on the wonder of your full spectrum human nature. ⁠

Light flashes bright and I gaze upon this maze of you. ⁠
I stay and stammer as I glimmer at all that's left unsung. ⁠
And so I make space...for new ways within me.⁠
To meet the heat of you that does surely blaze. ⁠

Into the days when we dare make space for grace. ⁠
And so I the horizon. ⁠
To your higher self. ⁠
To the person beyond the pain. ⁠
No blame, no shame. Just full acceptance of you. ⁠

I accept I accept I accept the process of your evolvement. ⁠
With wonderment i embrace the void of you that is like no other. ⁠
I love you, my lover my lover. my lover.⁠

Many blessings,
ATG team x