New Years - Resolution or Rumour

New Years - Resolution or Rumour

Dear mavericks of change,

This is a piece I wrote several years ago when I was realising in myself the need to reevaluate who I identified as. The I am. Below is a small intro I wrote this evening and then the wanderings within the theatre of my 22 year old mind.

Intro (written 09/02/21)

Speaking to the time and place we find ourselves in right now, I cannot help but notice many friends, relationships, housemates are breaking up, having rifts and experiencing a catharsis of sorts. Even within my own field, a great boiling pot is simmering away and every now and again a bubble bursts and out jumps the irrational, the drama, the story. The alchemical juices of all are boiling within a cauldron of consciousness and so we are presented with a choice. The aches and pains of acquired patterns and beliefs that no longer serve our personal truth are being brought up to be let go. Are we allowing what no longer serves us to evaporate away, revealing the golden strands of our inner magic? Are we embodying that which we have learnt in recent times? Or...are we doubling down on the subconscious pleasure of what has been before? Projecting rather than Reflecting. Concealing rather then Revealing. Reacting rather than Responding. Words such as trust, surrender, allow, and breath all come into play within this play. The wilful wrongs are done, we are all moving towards the deeper knowing of being in service to goodness. No need to fear it. You're not on your own in this pursuit, the guiding hands of life are a symphony of happenings supporting you and reflecting the lessons needed.

And so, in a way...the chaos is for you.

Its making room for new. Move with it and see what happens.

We've all been living the life we've been taught, but now we have a chance to redefine.

The roadmap of your life is in essence what you signed up for. The outcome though, not fated. Rather, dependant on your perspective and willingness to move into the great unknown of possibility...

New year resolution or rumour

And so we see the hands of time tick over in to a new year. The average Joe recognises the opportunity to set new goals and continue to strive towards what we perceive will be our ideal future. Some of us will pick up where we left off because we have stuck to our goals and we are living progress. Some of us will recognise that most of what we have said has been cheap talk and not concrete action.

It is not a doubtable inclination to suggest that most of us have an internal mechanism that continues to knag our consciences if we are not living up to our potential. Do we fold to this and change our self-perceived expectations or do we refuse to bow down but rather stand up and forge on. Self-correcting our course of action until we see the forecast of our imaginations come to pass.

Truth be told, when considering our long-term life goals, a single stand-alone year won’t change much at all. Tide & time continues to wait for no man, but if we are steadfast in our efforts and we are prehensile in our abilities we can find our authentic vein and forge ahead. Burning our doubts and replacing them with saplings of thought that if nurtured and developed can bloom to exceed even the most extravagant of expectations.

I can say fairly in my judgement that alike new years resolutions all of this knowledge is hoarders garbage unless put to practical use. What is the point of remunerating on such cognitive devices if we do not find proper long-term use for them? The common folk will make new years resolutions in amongst the drunken hullaballoo of the festive season and will eventually revert back to the way they have always lived their lives. For some this is ok, but for most what’s the point in making them if you’re not prepared to listen to the inclinations of your authentic self, a paradigm far removed from the self ego. A holiday presents you with the unique opportunity to reflect on your choices and their consequential aftermaths. In my opinion, and I speak from my own experience, the ideal time to implement change is immediately preceding such a period of reflection. Don’t walk the same bush-beaten track, remember its peaks and troughs, but use the knowledge you have gained to discover more. If you know what you want and you know what needs to be done then pursue it with the ‘idiots resolve‘.

Set your eyes upon the unseen and revel in the opportunity to be challenged. As a good friend once said, “if you have ‘haters’, you’re doing something right”. Recognise you’re haters in the moment, shake their hand and thank them for their inspiration. It is in the unknown, outside of your comfort zone that you will find the unveiled treasures of meaning that we strive for.

Success is a dirty word, in my opinion, as we are all already successful considering the odds we overcame making the giant leap from ball sack to the womb of a special lady. Born into this masked world to navigate the fine line between bullshit and deeper meaning. We have evolved in to the worldliest form of humanity that has even been. People and information travel faster and in greater volumes than we could have possibly imagined some 30 years ago. It is becoming apparent to me that although it is important we equip ourselves with belief, we must surround ourselves with like-minded people. And they must believe in us just as you must believe in them. You may surpass average on your own, you may somehow make it to the peak of performance, but if you do it alone, you will die alone. Bring people with you.It is our families and friends that we both need and that need us the most.

The game has changed and we need to adapt quickly or we will drown in misunderstanding. The complexities of the new world are vast, but the majority of 1st world humanity accepts what is put in front of them without a flicker of question. This is laziness, due diligence will set you free. The greatest achievements in history were initiated by those who refused to accept the common view and challenged normality. Blind belief in authority is the walking stick of a blind man. Napoléon said – “Imagination rules the world”. To be is to do.

Weight as a physical force is constant and is one of the fundamental interactions of nature. This standard acceleration of an object is defined as ‘gravity’, and is calculated as 9.81m/s2. This is nothing ambiguous about the dynamics of gravity, and there is no known scientific evidence to suggest that it will ever metastasise.

Weight as an intellectual emotion is an enigma that is undefinable, erratic and often self-imposed. It is immeasurable and beholds distinct differences between individuals. However, despite all these intangibles its most defining factor is our ability to control it.

Unlike the physical force of gravity, emotion is a progeny of our neurological development, thus, if we can create a response there is no reason to suggest we cannot also manoeuvre its influence.

The mental picture we have of ourselves portends a mental blueprint on to our subconscious mind; of which our heartfelt emotions are the vicarious extension. In other words, it governs the way we emotionally interact with everything in our surrounding environment and in this the law of attraction has never been so astounding.

Connecting thoughts with emotions presents the single highest potential for manifestation and opens up a cornucopia of knowledge and understanding that has always been there. Believing this phenomenon and utilising it to achieve your goals will equip you with a profound ability to transgress the fortification of what is considered impossible. I think, then I feel as if it were so, and so it is.

So therefore, it is absolutely necessary for those who dare to dream big or dare to think outside of the box, that they seek to completely immerse themselves in a lake of supporting influence, which despite the many watery comings and goings of life, will eventually become their distinct reality - where concrete action meets manifestation orientated by the weight of emotion. The journey into oneself.