Your Roadmap to Awareness

Your Roadmap to Awareness

To our beloved Against The Grain community,

This purpose of this written piece is to help empower you as a sovereign being. I write this with ultimate respect for your journey but I write from the heart so please take it personally. Thrive onwards with your personal evolution.

We as sovereign beings hereby evoke the universal law of free will, we do not consent to the control matrix. The beast is ugliest before its death and so we watch with love and forgiveness, embracing our sovereign nature as universal beings of unconditional love.

It is really important that we embrace awareness, not over identifying with any one piece of information or looking only for that which confirms 'out of date' belief systems. Knowledge is power and if we all have a a broad perspective when it comes to unveiling the truth, we will more closely align with one another for the good of all and demand our freedom on every level.

A Declaration of Sovereignty

Sovereignty, in particular personal sovereignty defines an intrinsic authority and power of an individual to determine his or her own direction and destiny. Simply put we can say that you as a sovereign individual have the universal right to your free will. I do not comply.

There is a video link below exploring the importance of declaring your sovereignty.

However, if you want to do it right now simply...

Speak the following declaration aloud or write your own..

As a Sovereign Human Being I declare that I do not consent to anyone or anything invading, controlling or harming me or any human being upon this Earth. Any creature upon this Earth or Mother Earth herself. As a sovereign being I thank all of those who have tried to harm me, control me or invade me in the past or in the present. I thank you for showing me who I am and my own sovereignty. I forgive you, for everything that you have done. And I give you my love in the understanding that we are all one. Source


A New World View Emerges

Perhaps some of you have for some time witnessed the cracks in the veil. Perhaps you are coming to notice that you knew all along, you just didn't care to look - out of sight, out of mind. a result of standing in this truth, you may be encountering resistance from loved ones and friends. I hope that somewhere within this blog you will find the message which helps you to love them and also love what you are with. Open and willing for change, you will be composed and stand up for your right not to comply.

Move past the fear and in comprehending the bigger picture. Steadfast in your love for free will, there is no need to suffer energetically due to the denial of others. They also will have their awakening just trust that, support them where they are at and appreciate them as a part of the whole. No need to force the truth when you know, that you know, you know!?

You my dear relatives, equipped with perspective, can offer gentle insight to those around you. Be calm and love what you are with. Love your state of mind. You must allow people to enter and leave your life now. Trust your journey into awareness and speak from your own personal experience. Your healing journey and the awareness it has brought you is the means by which you can do what you love and co create brilliant change with the earth. One only needs to look at how quickly the Earth takes back her vibrancy when we stop to re evaluate why the bloody heck we carry on with it all.


The ever-evolving timelessness in these current moments are flowing to take us on the most turbulent of rides. How we ride that motion in action, in meeting the sacred in each day, is a daily ticket to the possibility of change...Now lets be real about something here...

The control matrix of the world has been created and we willingly participate in glorified slavery. The vast majority of those who have risen to positions of power have been allowed to do so. Many of us do not question this slavery, since we are kept busy, well fed, well entertained, well distracted. For the most part we have been institutionalised to believe we are the information we have been taught. Put simply - We are not.

Poem - Full Moon Date with Divinity (by Brad McDonald)

I know you are hurting, in one way or another.

But let it guide you this way or the other.

For this is a moment your reincarnated soul new was coming.


A chance, a new moon, your portal, your knowing...

Resist not the intuitive calm and breath the air.

Let that voice guide fully, you shalt not despair.

Alignment is your date with Divinity. We are to ponder now, awake from the slumber.

Cloudy smoke seeping out from the rubble.

Now is the time to create new wonder.

You will remember your virtues and expand all values.

Steadfast in your sovereignty, you bow down to no new world order.

You see a new world view to emerge from disorder.

Bridging The Old and The New

It’s apparent that our world view, was commandeered by the idea that we live in a mechanistic, universe that needs to be controlled. Thats not to label all of the technological advancements as 'bad', they have been very necessary to get us to this exact moment… but now we must again review our progress and move forward with a renewed understanding of our discoveries, exploring values that resonate with truth, love, collaboration, compassion, and forgiveness.

Sometimes, looking at these ugly truths directly can cause what I would call ‘awareness anxiety’. Acknowledging the capacity for evil within the world, within humanity, within ourselves can make you feel nauseous, uneasy, afraid, doubtful, or troubled. What you do with that information however, is ultimately up to you...

Having been deep down the rabbit hole myself over several years I offer you a little perspective that may help. We are, and always have been divinely led and protected. It really helps to truly know and experience that there is a connected source of divine energy that comes from and to you. Like flowing water, you my friend are a flowing arrangement of patterns and energy. Destined to create a new world in concert with the entire universe. Do you really think its just dumb luck you were born into this timeline? Or perhaps on some level, beyond the amnesia, you knew you'd come into this earthly existence to be a part of this exact moment.

If you look broadly at your defining moments, not casting the spell of good or bad, and embrace the healing journey you have endured... Therein you will find your potential to be valued, existing for good of all beings and experiencing the abundance that comes with that. ABUNDANCE.

Here is an example of what this not too distant model may look like..

The peaceful collaborative orientation is based on three true orientations, Love; the real nature of love and of the unity of all life on earth, Truth; each person doing what they truly love to do, their unique Divine Duty, taking Responsibility for themselves and their actions, and Peace; to work together peacefully, harmoniously and collaboratively for the benefit of all, loving and serving each other selflessly, so achieving Love, Truth and Peace, for the New Humanity living the New Life in the New Paradigm on Gaia. Source


You Are Not Alone

Within your experiences exists a roadmap, a journey back to the real you. In this sense, life is happening for you not to you. When you make that shift in perspective, you are bolstered with a renewed vigour for truth, courageous enough to look beyond the veil and question ultimately our own existence. Embracing your capacity as a lightworker, embracing your struggle, embracing your potential and moving beyond our fears of self doubt.

You are not alone in this, there are many of us embracing our sovereignty. Do not be deterred when those in your circle are experiencing a fear based cognitive dissonance, they will also have their defining moments of realisation. They are not your responsibility, you are.

With so many layers, understandings, perceptions, experiences, journeys, synchrodestiny moments, it's understandable that some continue to seek comfort in existing beliefs. Yet, we stand and speak with a knowing that we are not with the self-serving mainstream. Happy to play the game in Australia; We are well fed and well entertained, why would we want to wake up from a dream that has offered us such a 'safe' sanctuary...

The only chains you wear, are the ones you dress yourself in each day. You can either embrace each precious moment and realise who you are, or you can descend into more of denial and add more chains, until you can no longer bear the weight of not knowing and trusting who you are. You are Uni-verse. Create as if you know that any so called rules are imaginable. Create with the highest order of the universe - FREE WILL.

Existing in harmony with the earth and consciously creating as an energetic being is easily way more wondrous then any club, agreement, association, mainstream, belief, degree, memory, story, trauma, disease, virus, technology... And now with this great pause in the game, we get the opportunity to experience the true bounty of life and heart centred connection.

Be Empowered. You are a Fringe Dwelling Maverick of Truth.

Let us look with novelty upon precious aspects of life, and resist the safety of the majority opinion. It is perhaps the greatest illusion of truth that the majority is most correct. Look from the outside in with eagle observation. To liberate ourselves and move into unity consciousness, we cannot accept the imposed sanctions against our sovereign liberties. That doesn't mean sign a petition or create a protest movement. It means that you know who you are, you remember why you are here. To heal and to emerge as the rising phoenix.

We humans are nature itself, a grand display of creation. Join your brothers and sisters and heal, forgive yourself and others. Trust that you can be a meaningful, loved and appreciated part of life. Allow for the magic of change to guide you and trust your intuition. Forget everything you thought you knew and be born again. More discerning with your beliefs, more embracing of your natural talents and a lack of want for materialism. A sense of true inner worth that radiates kindness and attracts abundance.

You need only to embody your free will and sovereignty to be nurtured into abundance by the waves of change. Within your journey you will find your path, as if you are following a breadcrumb trail back to who you really are...

Poem - Who Am I (by Brad McDonald)


I am silent & loud.

Broadened & narrow.

The wave & the ocean.

Two wolves, encircling shadows.

I see through blind eyes.

I speak in tongues of the heart.

I am you.

The Patient Sentient.

Who came from the stars. SPEAK

Feel Good Movie Safari

With so much happening in the world heaps of documentaries that are being released to shift worldview are now available open source! Which means it's a great time to either buy them, rent them or watch them for free. I have put together a lovely little movie safari to help give you some hope and to see the potential of a new earth we can create and move in balance with.

1 – YOU are Fungi

2 – YOU are Universe

3 - YOU are the Present

4 – YOU are Nature

5 - YOU are Flow (Thrive Documentary)

6 – YOU are being conspired

7 – YOU are a slave until you wake up (Zeitgeist documentary)

8 – YOU Sovereign - How to declare our sovereignty with love to change our energy...