Zinc Balm - Created for the Adventuring Hearts

Zinc Balm - Created for the Adventuring Hearts

Zinc Balm is created and designed to respect the waters of this Earth and the skin you're in!


Available in three different blends

Dark tone infused with Chaga, Raspberry Seed oil & Frankincense.

Medium tone infused with Helichrysum (aka 'sun gold')

Light tone infused with Lavender, Peppermint & Carrot Seed essential oils.

The tale of the Exquisite Against the Grain Zinc Balm


The skin said to the melanin, "you’re wafer thin".

Chaga, akin to the skin delved deep within, and said to melanin, “how bout it then”?

There it was, the link to zinc, a seemingly luscious blink of a solar flint,

a flame that relishes in the heirloom of the mushroom bloom.

Helichrysum, a friend of the skin applied zinc then chimed in,

“Ola, this optic chiasm of photosynthesising is firing, let the solar trance begin”.

Raspberry seed, you are divine indeed, said carrot seed.

A tantalising fragrance of frankincense walked through the entrance, side by side, frank and peppermint made the ascent. A scent of revitalising tranquillity simmered in the troposphere, it was clear that life indeed flourished with the help of the birds and the bees.

Wax on, wax off, like water my friend.

"it's one thing to provide people with a natural sun protection that works, but to co-create something that is completely non-toxic to our precious oceans, highly regenerative for the skin and so easy to use that it shocks people...that's been the greatest pleasure". 🌏

Pair your Zinc Balm with ATG Lavender Healers' Balm & Peppermint Lip Balm

in our Sunblessed Care Package.🤲🏻

The holy trinity of skin care products to complete your summer essentials kit!

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