Nano Soma

Nano Soma

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The removal of the Earth's topsoil comes with devastating consequences for the nutrient density of our food. When we consume any form of food or supplement we must ask ourselves, has the integrity of this been honoured. This deeply effects what we call nutrient bioavailability. Meaning, it's in your system but that doesn't necessarily mean its available to be utilised by your cells.


Nano Soma has many tongues wagging and there is much being studied and proclaimed. We simply see it as another missing link in our food chain which addresses nutrient bioavailability of compounds that are critical to our cellular regeneration. Modern day farming practices have depleted the nutrient availability in our food. 

Serving size: 5 sprays in mouth once a day

Possible Health Benefits:

Rejuvenate the skin

Improved energy level

Enhances wound healing

Assist cardiovascular health

Modulate the immune system

Reduces Inflammation & pain

Serves as Vit D & C supplement

Repairs damaged blood vessels & scar tissues

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