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returning to a state of harmonic resonance with the Earth and all its beings.
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We honour the mantra 'if it doesn’t look, feel or smell like you can eat it; don’t put it on your skin'.

Against the Grain Health is an Australian owned and operated business. We hand-make potent, multi-use products for the whole family and offer awareness and tools for longevity and health sovereignty.

Whether it be our Healers' Balm varieties, tinted SPF Zinc Balm or the Carbon 60 Balm, all of our creations are made entirely of the natural world and offer a holistic, transcendental approach to skin care. All of our base ingredients are ethically sourced from suppliers whom share our founding values of trust, passion & integrity.

Our ethos is simple. Everything we do has a reciprocal relationship with nature. Everything we do is for the regeneration of Human Beings and Mother Earth.


"To be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship".

The use of toxic, compromised skin care is affecting us, our children and the eco-systems they will grow up in. We are here to empower our community by providing access to products that are in their highest integrity. 

All of our ingredients are locally sourced to ensure ethical and sustainable business practices. Integrity is at the core of what we do and we stand as a trust filter and pillar for your good health and conscious awareness.

Making the switch to natural products not only benefits you, but prevents synthetic chemicals from washing into our water ways, farmlands, and oceans. The rivers that run and the blood that flows through our veins are inextricably linked.

Now is the time to to eliminate toxicity, reclaim our natural state and move into greater alignment with the Earth's harmonies.

Our best seller

Carbon 60 Balm ingredients

This Balm Party features a few very special guests including the very rare, intriguing and extremely therapeutic Saffron & Helichrysum flowers. We also include the Nobel Hemp Seed Oil, a powerful expression of natures best flow.The texture is soft and fluffy, the smell mesmerising and the results, well they speak for themselves.

Our Market Locations

Saturday - Kawana Farmers Markets: 6am - 12pm

Saturday - Yandina Country Markets 6am - 12pm

Sunday - Noosa Farmers Markets: 6am - 12pm

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Acknowledgment of the Traditional Custodians

Against The Grain Health acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land. We honour their sacred connection to all that is. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and traditions, and to the elders past, present and emerging.