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Are you hosting an event and aren't keen on the mainstream type bar? Well, we may very well be the answer to your calling!

At ATG Health we are offering a pop-up, non-alcoholic tonic bar that is full of herbal beverages that will align your people with the heart of nature and with each other.

ATG Health have been offering epic community events for the past 4 years and to be totally modest... we are DAMN GOOD AT It! So why not offer this depth of connection and natures offerings to the wider community?

Our promise to you is that our team are an absolute hoot so we will be bringing a high vibe of true service, connection and wisdom to any pop-up we do!

On-Tap Probiotic Elixirs

Enjoy our delicious alcohol free Kombucha Elixirs! You have the choice of 3 different native Australian bush blends that will bridge your soul from heaven to earth. You have the choice of a peppermint gum mojito, a negroni and a Davidson Plum Caprioska as your base brew. These brews have been handmade locally with love and intention. Your soul will thank you for the medicinal benefits these brews offer!

Hot Tonics

Enjoy our delicious selection of hot tonics that will ignite your senses, stimulate your soul and connect you with the heart of the earth! You have a choice of 3 different hot brews, a Rockin Choc Cacao, an Aromatic Chai and an artistic blend of Choc Chai. These brews will bring a zing into your event like never before!

Legendary Staff

Only the best of the best will be at your service for your epic event. For your event of 50 people you will have 2 of our very knowledgeable and hooting-high vibe staff to make your brews and serve with love. For 50 or more people at your event, you will get 2 more of our epic staff. There really is nothing quite like having heart-centered legends to make a brew tailored to you and your desired experience!

Herbal Elixirs & Tonic Shots

Once you have chosen your base brew either hot or cold you can add in our plethora of herbal elixirs and tonic herbs. We have carefully crafted multiple blends of medicinal mushrooms and herbal tinctures that will provide your desired experience. Returning to a state of harmonic resonance with nature and its beings is at the forefront of what we do at ATG Health. These tonic elixirs are a huge step in doing just that!

Bookings Available

Saturday - Weddings, Functions, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Blessing Ways, House Warmings, Workshops

Sunday - Weddings, Functions, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Blessing Ways, House Warmings, Workshops

Monday - Friday By Request Only


"My son didn't want to be at any other stall other than ATG's while at Woodford, he felt so safe and nourished there"


"The most high vibe stall at Pranafest!"


"The most delicious cacao I have ever tasted"



We love any community events!

We do weddings, birthdays, book launches, functions, festivals, blessing ways, workshops, house warmings. If there are 50 or more people we would love to be there!

We need a minimum of 7 days notice in order for us to prepare adequately prior to the event. If it is a last minute booking, please reach out and we will see what we can do!

Yes. We have a minimum of 50 people.

Yes. In all of our hot tonics we use maple syrup no honey.

Every ingredient we use is organic. We are very particular with the quality of ingredients we use and source them as local as possible.

There are two offerings you can choose from...

1 - You can book us with a tab of your choosing

2 - Your guests pay at the bar per drink


When you fill in the contact form please make sure that you give us as many details as possible about what your event is, how many people you are expecting, if you'd like a tab on the bar and if there are any dietary allergies!

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