Foundational Wellness Protocol

The following details a holistic wellness protocol for addressing the major root causations of our 21st century environmentally compounded "dis-ease" states.

It’s a collaboration between some of the world’s leading experts on parasites & viruses as well as various insights from holistic and nature-based practitioners throughout Australia. 

Why would you detox?

At a time in human history when it has never been so important to optimise the function of our internal systems, not only for protection but for our greater thriving. We are experiencing a cosmic shift in consciousness and in the pursuit of our individual and collective thriving, the physical body and our connection to it is absolutely fundamental to the greater thriving of our mind, soul and spirit. 

Specifically, we can identify several key reasons why you would engage in such a pursuit:

-Empowering your existing detox pathways such as your lymphatic system

-Cultivating more energy and abundance within

-Reducing the active ‘stressors’ on your physiology such as parasites, viruses, heavy metals, radiation exposure, pollutants such as glyphosate

-Repairing our digestive tract and diversifying our microbiome

-Improving adaptability & resiliency of our internal mechanisms for health!

Where to start?

Start your journey into this powerful self-healing knowledge from one of the world’s great truth maverick healers – Dr Morse

So what are they??

Parasites are a integral part of the community of microorganisms we call a human being… 

Yet, alike anything when out of balance the pendulum swings towards "dis-ease" Our bodies do rely on a healthy parasitic load, as they serve a fundamental role within nature, but if they become too prevalent we suffer that imbalance.

Due to a number of causative factors including high levels of chemicals & heavy metals in our environment, water, food and a diet high in meats, we are suffering a parasitic crisis.  

Parasites can absorb up to 8 x their body weight in heavy metals and thus the body holds onto them as they are technically serving a purpose.

Unfortunately, we suffer a plethora of symptoms due to the parasitic load, which involves them bio-hacking our cellular energy and influencing our emotions via the secretion of ammonia and neurotoxins.

Parasites are notoriously difficult to clear as they have a protective biofilm and can hide in many organs & fluids throughout the body, including the bowel, liver, lungs, behind the eyes and in the cerebral spinal fluid. 

Thanks to the work of Bruce Lipton and other great minds working in Epigenetics, we now know that the environment impacts the gene and changes gene expression.

Therefore, this protocol is the first step for any of my clients as it addresses the foundation of our health problems in our current 21st century environment. 

5 minute must watch video - Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics

Parasites and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression

Parasites can contribute to or cause anxiety and fear by altering "hormonal and neurotransmitter communication and/or direct interference with the neurons and brain regions that mediate behavioural expression"

Parasites are more active around the full moon, so testing and treating around this time is likely to yield better results.

Protocol Timeline

The protocol will take 2 months depending on progress and the protocol has 5 key aspects to it:

1 - Addressing gut health, nutrient delivery, intestinal permeability, & supporting detoxification

2 - Reducing viral and parasitic load on the body

3 - Reducing acidity/inflammation in the body & increasing harmony

4 - Supporting your body's detoxification pathways with high fibre, colonic flush and/or castor oil packs

5 - Returning function to the kidneys and Lymphatic system


This protocol has been written comprehensively for everyday people and is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Instead of looking specifically at illness we look holistic at the symbiotic nature we share with all life forms in the environment surrounding and within us. This protocol is based on the simple fact that if we can return to a state of balance (homeostasis) within the body, it can and will heal itself. 

The liberation of the mind and spirit is inextricably connected to your physical vessel. As you embark on this wellness journey, take time to review your life. How you show up within relationships, belief systems that may have become stagnant and the ideology that we must return to our truth and greater purpose in this lifetime.

This journey of healing never ends, but it certainly opens up wondrous possibilities if we can move with greater respect for our bodies, trust in the undulations of life, surrender to the possibility of new and how it manifests, have faith in our intuitive knowing, cultivate the capacity to live freely and love open heartedly and firmly know oneself enough to have healthy boundaries.

Thank you for starting your wellness journey with Against The Grain Health
Foundational Wellness Protocol

Foundational Wellness Protocol

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  • Fulvic & Humic Acid (2-3 months' supply)

  • Belly Bugz Pre/Probiotic (3 months' supply)

  • CDS aka universal antidote (3 months' supply)

  • Bicarb & Magnesium alkalising kit. (450g organic sodium bicarbonate + 60mL magnesium) 

  • Adaptogen blend for regeneration & adrenal support. Ingredients - Cordyceps mushroom, Pine Pollen, Rehmannia, Eucommia Bark 200g  (2-3 months' supply)

  • Mimosa Pudica Seed (2 months' supply) 

  • Carbon 60 Oil internal 2 x 50mL (2 months' supply)


Following the purchase of the protocol you will be contacted via email with 2 important documents:

- General Dosage Advice
- A Dosage Timing Schedule