Click Here - Expanded Protocol

Click Here - Expanded Protocol

1. Addressing gut health, nutrient delivery, intestinal permeability, & supporting detoxification


Fulvic & Humic acid

These are complex compounds that are a huge key to the puzzle. When you look at below resources you’ll discover how it makes so much sense. Particularly when you can see why food is not what it used to be.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid -

We supply a particular product. Of course, big difference between chemically extracted and 1000-year earth deposits. This is the source

Each bottle of Cell Charge takes 2 years to perfect & is extracted using chlorine-free filtered water & ambient temperatures only


 Pro/Prebiotic (Belly Bugz)

Good bacteria are crucial to the wellbeing of your microbiome (gut health) and therefore your immune system and mental health. Good bacteria also synthesise important antioxidants and directly influence our ability to detox the toxins excreted by parasites and viruses. See attached Belly Bugz document for more information.

Food is thy medicine, we’ve all heard it but do we know how to apply it? Aside from the obvious don’t eat non-organic, processed shit foods - The correct dietary advice to support this protocol involves eating less mucus forming foods such as meat, dairy and starches. Nuts stop the detox process so absolutely no nuts including nut based milks. 

Eat loads of fruit and raw veggies or juice them if you have the capacity.

Don’t combine the 2 in a meal, they require different prices  Dr Morse - Don’t fear fruit. The connection between adrenals and blood sugar spikes


2. Reducing viral and parasitic load on the body 


Mimosa Pudica

This is a recent discovery and one that has certainly got the tongues wagging at several of the recent world parasite summits. This is a miraculous plant and a timely discovery; its unique properties can do a lot for modern medicine and modern problems. As you will see in the diagram below, its benefits include being an antidepressant, pain reduction, and antifungal. 

Cleansing one’s self of toxins, parasites & viruses should be a top priority at multiple times throughout each year. Below is an important article to read which details the cleansing protocol to follow with Mimosa Pudica Seed and how to utilise the full moon to flush out parasites. Starting to sound a bit like Star Trek right!

Mimosa Pudica source -  These guys have a great product, but due to the cost and US shipping, we have attained an integrity source to offer it more affordably.

Testimonial (there's no sugar coating it)

“I took the mimosa as suggested. I have never gone to the bathroom so much and was literally pulling worms out of my bum, some several feet long! This went on for weeks and they were all different shapes and sizes. The coffee enema certainly helped the process. I felt so good afterwards.

I can say without question that Mimosa Pudica works. I have been using the other supplements also which have helped greatly in the process. Please send me some more Mimosa so I can continue the cleanse! Thank you!”


Detox Symptoms are often a part of the process.

Should one be experiencing detox symptoms that are quiet debilitating, including migraines, vomiting, anxiety and nausea. This is most likely due to the ACIDS, heavy metals and other toxins being released from tissues and parasites, entering into circulation. Maintain the understanding that you are ok and alkalise the body. 

As part of this protocol and with that knowledge in hand we highly recommend you get this product to support the removal of these toxins as they enter back into circulation.


Carbon 60 Fullerenes 

Carbon is a very versatile element, which can manifest itself in many allotropes such as graphite (for pencils), coal and diamond, just to name a few. We humans are carbon-based creatures. C60 is a naturally occurring form of carbon derived from charcoal. If you think it’s strange or unhealthy to ingest charcoal, consider this for a moment: activated charcoal is commonly sold as a supplement and given to people who are suffering acute poisoning. It absorbs the poison by drawing it into its (the charcoal’s) pores. Likewise, zeolite (derived from volcanic mineral ash) is a potent detoxifier which operates on the same principle of drawing in toxic heavy metals and other contaminants to remove them safely from the body.


3. Reducing inflammation in the body & increasing harmony



This unique collection of herbs and mushrooms as suggested assists the body improve its adaptiveness. We have a wide selection of highly bioavailable extracts. Recommended blend for this protocol is the ‘Adrenal Blend’.

*See ATG adaptogen page


Bicarbonate of Soda & Magnesium

Bi-carb soda is the only proven substance that alkalises tissues. Drinking a teaspoon in water each day is hugely beneficial for reducing the acidity of your system.

Diseases cannot thrive in a body that is alkaline.

      *include PDF download

Magnesium is one of the fundamental minerals vital for healthy cellular and neurological function. Why use bicarb and magnesium together?

Magnesium functions as a bicarbonate cotransporter into cells and bicarbonate acts a transporter of magnesium into the mitochondria.

Make a bicarb and magnesium tonic in the am or pm at least 30 minutes before food.

Recipe - 1/2 heaped tsp of bicarb and 5 sprays of magnesium. Add apple cider vinegar and maple syrup for an extra kick.
You can also use bicarb for enemas and to wash your fruit and veg to remove non-beneficial substances (Soaking your produce in water for 5 minutes with 1 heaped tsp will do it)

4. Supporting your body's detoxification process


Utilising  Chlorine Dioxide (‘The Universal Antidote’) to help purge our system of non-beneficial substances and microorganisms.

*includes CDS download.

*See attached supporting literature on the Colon.


In order to cleanse the years of build-up such as plaque and mucus, from within our digestive tract we need a high fibre product to pull it through. 

You can either make your own for which we recommend (see recipe below) or use a rather intense product called Ultimate Fibre. Its has 100% wild crafted, organic ingredients and is very powerful. If you feel like you need an extra punch in the second month of the protocol you can request it via email (insert link to

For more information



Home Recipe for high Fibre

2 parts psyllium husk

1 part bentonite or kaolin clay

1 part diatomaceous earth

1 part charcoal


Colon Therapy with a qualified practitioner.

The use of enemas tracks back to our Egyptian ancestors.
It is an extremely effective therapy for those suffering from chronic illness such as long term digestive issues. Its a reset, so you must be aware that you are flushing toxins however also beneficial bacteria from your long-time established microbiome. We encourage you to utilise this wonderful healing but NOT as a replacement for your bodies natural faecal removal processes. If you are experiencing heavy detox symptoms or mental fatigue a bicarb enema can be very beneficial. From experience its really important that when we engage the use of enemas to assist the detoxing process, that we move into nourishment. Eating warming foods such as an adaptogen tonic, soups, broths. Slippery Elm powder is a wonderful plant to ingest for the nourishment phase, post enema.
For more information on where to get your enema kit and how to utilise enemas to assist your detoxification journey click here (link -
Sodium bicarb enema recipe:
1 heaped teaspoon in distilled, or very well filtered water.


5. Returning function to the Adrenals, kidneys, & Lymphatic system


What does the Lymphatic system do?

The first test is for you to urinate into a jar first thing in the morning. We are not looking for colour as much as we are looking for CHEMISTRY. A cloudiness within the urine demonstrates that your kidneys are filtering the cellular waste of 100 trillion cells via the lymphatic system. A lack of chemistry demonstrates that we have some work to do. This short video explains how to best do this test and why its important

Regular check for chemistry in urine and continually strive for good kidney function.

Normal blood pressure will indicate good kidney function.

Normal body temperature will indicate adrenal function. 


There is no greater straight shooter on this topic than Dr Morse. He is easy to listen to and speaks TRUTH. Start here -

Home method for returning kidney filtration of acids -

Utilise Hot/Cold showers to stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce congestion


*The information in this blog is not intended as medical advice, and nor do the opinions in this blog infer a therapeutic effect for any products. Everyone is encouraged to critically evaluate any information relating to health and wellbeing, including the information on websites and other parts of the Internet that promote both traditional and alternative medicines. This blog is not a discussion about medicines, in the conventional sense, however it is a discussion about environmental changes. Such as how the ‘age of aluminum’ is influencing our internal environment and how changes in food quality and integrity since the 1970’s are influencing the micro environment outside of, and within us. Your health and wellbeing are dependent on you making informed and wise choices: nobody else has as much at stake as yourself.