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Against The Grain Health is about returning to a state of harmonic resonance with the Earth and all its beings. Join us in our mission & go Against The Grain - back to nature.

Carbon 60 Balm

Your Carbon 60 Balm is incredible! Has completely healed my sun damaged chest

Kelly O'Shea QLD

Lavender Healing Balm

I Came across Against the Grain at Eumundi Markets whilst on holidays. I tried some healing balm on my hands and continued on my way. There was such a noticeable difference that I back tracked through the markets to purchase some. I use my healing balm twice daily on my face and my skin is so much better and I have no hesitation on using it on my 2 year old daughter when she has a rash or dry skin. This stuff is seriously amazing!


No Funny Business Zinc Balm

I came across Brad from Against The Grain Health at my local farmers market and was immediately keen to find out more about Brad's sunscreen. My children (10 and 8 years old) have reacted to every natural sunscreen I have tried. Reactions have ranged from red skin, rashes, and/or pimples where sunscreen is applied. After talking with Brad and trying some on myself, I decided to give Brad's sunscreen a go. WOW, to my surprise neither of my children had a reaction and they didn't get burnt either. I also love that the ingredients are all natural, the formula is non-oily and doesn't have a strong smell to it. Brad's No Funny Business Sunscreen is the best I have ever tried. Thanks Brad for developing such a great product.

Leighanna, QLD

Chamomile Healing Balm

At last I have found a product that works on my skin. I have suffered from dermatitis on my hands for many years it then was spreading to my face and neck. I tried many products trying to calm the dermatitis with no success. Until I came across Against the grain Healing Balm with Chamomile. Wonders happened it agreed with my skin, soothed and cleared my skin. I am in love with this product I use it morning and night it is amazing. Thank you Brad for making such a wonderful Balm


More Testimonials

Most authentic and natural products backed with passion and desire...nourishing for the body and soul infused with love 💞thank you for delivering and making such products available 🙏​

Bindi Wildfire

This website has amazing health benefits. And Brad is so helpful. I would recommend him and his products. 5 star rating 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Dani Kiss

Having had dry & itchy skin on my hands for many a year I can truly say I have tried a zillion different creams to try to ease it. This amazing balm has been the ONLY one to fully moisturise and actually heal the cause. I have now been using it daily for over a year & a half and I can honestly say I will not stop. Natural & full of goodness ~ it’s a blessing ✨​


Amazing products, I cannot believe how quickly these products work, skin blemishes, pimples etc... I have tried a few different products but nothing like Against The Grain, I will never use anything else again, its natural and yourself and others truly notice a difference and at affordable pricing, so thank you!​


My son Jake needed some sun screen l bought the zinc of Brad at the markets well Jake covered his face everyday for work now his whole face had cleared up no pimples or dark lines under his eyes we are all using the zinc now what a great product to use thanks Brad xxxx

Leonie Cowderoy

Haven't found an ointment that helps with my shoulder pain like this does.One of my sons used it on his face the week before formal his face looked great Even used it on a busted blister it helped with the pain. Love it​

Judy Sinclair

Amazing products. We are so greatful to the team for their advice when our six month old boy had skin issues. After using their products as directed his original Staph infection on his skin disappeared completely. Can’t recommend this company highly enough!

​Brett Crawford

Very informative and a beautiful product. Can’t wait to use my camomile healing balm.

Hayley Brear

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