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As Above So Below
As Above So Below

As Above So Below

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  • 100% Pure Extracts
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This dynamic duo offer you an unrivalled level of nutrition for the skin and systems within. The skin and your internal environment are interconnected. Self-love must address both the surface and the deep. Take a journey yourself or gift this exquisite package to a loved one in need.

Fruits & Roots Nourishment Blend is our most recent blend of adaptogens. The flavours combine perfectly to offer a balanced warm tea. This nourishing tonic hits all the sweet spots when it comes to a potent blend that serves our quest for health from a point of harmony and nutrient density.

Sacred Serum is a luxurious face and body oil, that can be used as a multipurpose agent for deep cellular repair. This potent elixir is a combination of plant power that will brighten the disposition of any blessed enough to access Sacred Serum. There’re no short cuts in our sourcing, the Australian Native Extracts present in this blend, brings the Australian forest directly to your outstretched hands.

Certified organic cacao, carob and maca.

Delicious, do it yourself tonic recipe

Blend all ingredients together:


1 - rocking choc (1 x tablespoon)
2 - adaptogen blend (1 x teaspoon)
3 - hot or cold water (250mLs)
4 - honey or maple syrup (1 teaspoon)
5 - ghee, butter or coconut oil (1 teaspoon)
6 - pinch of celtic sea salt or similar

Combine all ingredients in a blender to create a nourishing, creamy and dazzling tonic experience.

Relax and enjoy!

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