CDS Water Purifier tablets

CDS Water Purifier tablets

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Activated & Stabilised Tablets.
Simply add to 1 tablet to 1 litre of water as per instructions (pamphlet included). 

Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) is a fascinating substance, As soon as CDS comes into contact with acid it becomes unstable and releases nascent oxygen. It is important to understand that all unhealthy microorganisms are anaerobic (cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment). 

Nascent oxygen is a particularly potent oxidising agent for anaerobic organisms because it is essentially a free radical seeking not one; but two electrons.

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant and just like oxygen it supports the body and immune system, only targeting unhealthy microorganisms. CDS selectively targets the anaerobic not the aerobic. It does this via electrical charge and acidity; it targets pathogens based on their acidity and electric charge. It bypasses good bacteria and goes after the unhealthy ones.  It's weaker than oxygen, while strong enough to go after all pathogens; viruses, bacteria and fungus without harming healthy tissues and oxygen loving microorganisms.  It surrounds pathogens and through the process of oxidation, it electrically rips the pathogen apart by stealing the electrons.

It has many applications from the food and beverage industry where it is used as an antimicrobial agent for washing foods, cleaning products, and disinfecting liquids. It's used in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for contamination control and sterility. Hospitals, schools, and daycares use it as a sterilising disinfectant to prevent dangerous pathogens and mould spores.

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