Festive Care Package
Festive Care Package

Festive Care Package

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  • 100% Pure Extracts
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This limited edition care package includes:

1. Sacred Serum

An all-purpose skin oil, featuring some potent Australian native plant extracts and the renowned carbon 60 fullerenes. This product has been seen to assist greatly with the following.

1 - Sooths burnt and sun damaged skin

2 – Assists repair of skin scarring and pigmentation issues

3 - Moisturises and protects the skin

4 Massaging and connecting with self and love

Roman Chamomile Healers’ Balm

We include this 15mL pocket sized balm, because of its broad and practical uses.

Suitable for all ages, and all skin types this balm party features roman chamomile essential oil, which has many benefits, including:

1 – Fantastic for anything itchy, red or inflamed, especially insect bites;

2 – The best balm for treating nappy rash and eczema

3 – Can be used to assist in calming the nervous system and assist sleep by applying to the back of neck and soles of feet.

Lions Mane Mushroom

Lions Mane mushroom is a fantastic addition to anyone’s life. The most common feedback we get with our Lions Mane is its capacity to assist with:

1 - Emotional wellbeing and mood disorders

2 - Mental clarity and focus

3 - Digestive support

4 - Sleep

We deeply appreciate and value this remarkable mushroom.

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