Nootropic Blend
Nootropic Blend
Nootropic Blend

Nootropic Blend

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  • 100% Pure Extracts
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Most noted traits of blend:

  • Brain health & function
  • Assists with Dopamine & Serotonin levels
  • Brain cognition, memory & recall
  • Healthy stress response
  • Neurological health
  • Tastes strong, but as they say ‘the bitterer the better’
  • A strong gathering of Tonic Herbalism’s most revered Nootropics

Testimonial:  “Having used these extracts almost daily for a little over 3 years now, I can honestly say it’s been remarkable to experience both the initial and long term benefits of regularly using adaptogens. To name a few, I’ve noticed abundant energy, focus, clarity, connection, restful sleeps, harmonised immune function.” Sarah QLD

Here at ATG, we believe that incorporating adaptogens into your everyday life can help you live a more fulfilling and connected life. Our unique blends are especially formulated to offer you a diverse range of support, as your wellness journey evolves.

We encourage you to Replace The Ritual of stimulants (coffee) and depressants (alcohol) with something that not only helps calm the farm but also gets you going in the morning! Incorporate one or all of our blends into your daily life and you will very quickly notice the well-known benefits of adaptogenic herbs & mushrooms. Be inspired. Make a shift. Experience it.

Using adaptogens as daily ritual can assist us with:

  • daily practice that supports our wellness journey by bringing balance to our being
  • Fortifying our immune system and optimising our feeling of connection and clarity
  • Riding smoothly the waves of change, by modulating nervous system function
  • Replacing rituals that can be taxing on our bodies

Adaptogens can be easily be added to everyday food & beverages. The earthy flavours enhance flavour and add a healthy edge to your daily sustenance.

We have prepared a recipe book to assist you creative flow in the kitchen. You can explore that here.

Mostly our customers enjoy preparing hot or cold tonic beverages & smoothies. Other great ideas to invite these extracts into your everyday life include:

- Salad dressings & condiments

- Soups & broths

- Bliss balls & Slices

Please ensure your extracts are stored correctly in a cool, dry place with lid on tight. Take care not to use a wet teaspoon as the powders can be quite sensitive to moisture.

Consistency is key when connecting to the health and wellness possibilities offered by Adaptogens. Long term use offers unrivalled homeostatic and modulating effects these plant allies offer humanity.

Rhodiola, Mucuna, Lions Mane, Ashwagandha, Gynostemma

Potency and integrity are key!

Our extracts are 100% pure & contain absolutely no fillers,
additives, preservatives. This is extremely important for us, as it means the natural essence of these extracts are not compromised. All herb and fruiting body extracts are cultivated and extracted using a water technology. They are 10:1 in ratio, a standard potency measurement. All extracts are lab assayed to ensure potency and integrity of key compounds, displaying a healthy balance of those which should be there, not those that shouldn’t.

We have found in our own experience that consuming pure fruiting bodies is as nature intended it, and the most effective way to experience what they have to offer us. Thus, we do not include anything else in our unique blends.

Cultivating is critical for the preservation of the natural resources. The world's demand for adaptogens would not be a sustainable practice if the forests were stripped bare of the naturally occurring resources. We believe this is the most ethical and potent way we can offer adaptogens to our community.

Another very important step in our process (and a major point of difference) is how we ensure the extracts are bioavailable (usable by the body).

Dynamically enhanced with Scalar Vortex technology

Optimising the bioavailability of nutrients (‘renatured nutrition’); In principle this means the electrons are spinning around the atom and the compounds are ‘enlivened’ in their natural state.  This is vital as your cells are communicating through various mechanisms of light, chemicals and energy. When the extracts are in their optimal vitality, your cells are able to recognise and utilise the
specific beneficial compounds.

Adaptogens are a particular class of herbs and mushrooms that have a non-specific function in the way they assist help the body to adapt to stress on a cellular level. We can experience many forms of stress including physical, emotional and chemical. Our bodies have the capacity to adapt to our ever-changing environment, which allows us to more smoothly ride the waves of change. If you have looked into the nature of mushrooms, you will know they are incredibly adaptive, so when we consume particular ones we acquire their adaptiveness, especially when ingested consistently over time.

Adaptogens assist in modulating our body's physiological systems. The intelligence they carry is already integrated within our natural state, meaning that there is a deep knowing and capability in how they assist to attune and repair our deep nature.⁠ For example, if your immune system is overactive, they can assist to modulate that back to normal function and, by the same principle if it is underactive, they can assist in informing normal function on a cellular level.

Beyond the homeostatic function, different plant and mushroom derived adaptogens also have individual traits in how they can assist us. So please feel free to do your own research beyond this page and look into their individual traits, so as to best select which may serve your wellness journey best at this time. There is now a great deal of information online on this topic and thanks to the work of individuals like Paul Stamets, there is now plenty of scientific evidence that demonstrates their wonderful potential. It’s a beautiful thing to see awareness grow around the benefits of inviting adoptogenic herbs and mushrooms into our respective wellness journeys.

Within the holistic environment, as well as on a systemic level, adaptogens are fundamentally about helping us to come back into balance. As we often say, Come back to nature. Come back to you. We can observe the role of mushrooms in nature and gain greater understanding of how they work to bring about balance within and around you.

Mushrooms in Nature
The great underground network, known as mycelium, occasionally likes to show off and yield fruiting bodies: Mushrooms. Just as these mycelial web-like structures extend throughout and between forests, they demonstrate similarities
to our own central nervous systems and neural pathways.

In exchange for breaking down old trees and reconstituting them back into the earth, the mycelium gives back, by delivering nutrients from the soil to the roots of the trees, passing messages and conducting a key role within the greatest symphony the world has ever seen.

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