Roman Chamomile Healers&
Roman Chamomile Healers&
Roman Chamomile Healers&
Roman Chamomile Healers&
Roman Chamomile Healers&

Roman Chamomile Healers' Balm

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Our simple and potent recipes make any of our Healers’ balms the absolute go-to for any skin issue.

Be it a lip balm, rash remedy, insect bite or moisturiser, we have you and your family covered in our little pots of magic.

The most significant benefits of any of these balms is their multiuser functionality. Secondary to that is their unique and specific uses.

Roman Chamomile balm is the hands down favourite for sensitive skin types and any issue concerning inflammatory conditions of the skin.  Many families choose this balm as their go-to due to it's versatility and gentleness in calming many types of skin ailments for all ages.

This balm is best for:

  • Insect bites
  • Eczema
  • Nappy rash
  • Dermatitis
  • Itchy skin
  • Sleep and nervous system issues (apply to feet and temples)
  • Joint inflammation and cramps

- Everyday moisturiser
- Soothes sunburn
- Hair rejuvenator
- Bites and stings
- Cuts and scrapes
- Scars and wound healing
- Makeup primer and remover

-Australian Beeswax
-Cold-pressed, organic coconut and olive oils
-Pure vitamin E oil
-Organic roman chamomile essential oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Besides having antiseptic, antibiotic, disinfectant, bactericidal & vermifuge qualities… Roman Chamomile essential oil has also been found to assist with:

• Mood stabilising properties
• A potent anti-inflammatory
• Assists sleep and digestion
• Wounds and bruising
• Headaches
• Sinus function
• Nervous system function
• Tonifying muscles and skin

Beeswax & Skin Conditions: One of the major game changes for those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions is beeswax and its ability to heal and seal. Doing one without the other makes providing relief to these conditions a major feat. Steroid creams are a short term fix for these issues and don't address the breakdown in your skin's lipid barrier, give your skin the nourishment it is desperately asking for!

"The Chamomile Healers' balm is amazing. It's like the only thing that works on my dermatitis, absolutely love it and it smells so soothing".

"I stumbled across your stall at the Kawana Farmers Markets and brought your chamomile healing balm and it has literally changed my life! I have suffered eczema for many years and had a huge flare up after having my baby and nothing has helped until now. I've tried so many different creams, naturopaths, working on the gut health side of things but your healing balm has made such a difference in a week! This is magic balm. Thank you".

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Having had dry and itchy skin on my hands for many a year I can truly say I have tried a zillion different creams to try to ease it. This amazing balm has been the ONLY one to fully moisturise and actually heal the cause. I have now been using it daily for over a year and a half and I can honestly say I will not stop. Natural & full of goodness ~

it’s a blessing.

Zena Zenachey (Google review)