Zinc Balm - Dark
Zinc Balm - Dark
Zinc Balm - Dark
Zinc Balm - Dark
Zinc Balm - Dark

Zinc Balm - Dark

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  • Handmade in Australia

Zinc Balm for all your qualms!

This handmade product offers potent skin nurturing qualities and a sound layer of protection from too much UV exposure.  

A major point of difference people notice when using Zinc Balm is the smooth texture, which glides onto your skin, adapting easily to skin tone.

Our loyal customers over the last 6 years, tell us how remarkable it is to use a sun product that actually helps their skin to regenerate from previous damage. I guess you could say we are amazed, but not surprised. 

Salutations to the sun, that lights up our inner and outer worlds. 

Your skin is a solar panel. Use it responsibly.

What's different about Zinc Balm?

  • Applies to the skin dry. 
  • Can be used all over the body, not just the face
  • Applies to skin tone, offering great protection without needing to be smeared on
  • Doesn't damage our coral reefs
  • Doesn't sting your eyes or run off the skin with sweat or water
  • Instantly waterproof thanks to beeswax
  • Has multiple uses including the use on rashes, itches, bites, sunburn..
  • Can be used as makeup foundation or primer
  • Won't stain your clothes when applied correctly
  • Easy to apply using method - "warm between fingers, tap it, rub it"
  • Handmade in Australia, by Australians.

    To apply: 

    1. Simply warm a marble sized amount between the fingertips

    2. tap onto exposed areas, ensuring even coverage

    3. Rub in firmly until balm is spread to skin colour. A light hue
    may remain which will settle after 10 minutes.

    Multi-use : Enjoy also using this product as a tinted moisturiser or as a bite balm, on rashes like jock itch or under arm fungal issues.

    If in doubt - just try it, you may be surprised!

    Non-nano Zinc Oxide Powder

    Organic Cocoa Powder

    Organic Chaga Infused Coconut Oil

    Organic Olive Oil

    Australian Beeswax

    Natural Vitamin E Oil

    Organic Carrot Seed, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oil

    All of our products are formulated with the utmost integrity, and this is no exception. Ethically sourced ingredients that are reef safe, human safe and are in the fullest natural expression. 

    Our Zinc Balm inventions have not been lab tested to determine their exact SPF rating, which is why we don't make any claims. We prefer real people and real skin to tell us how effective they are, but just to be sure we use 30% non-nano zinc oxide and other wonderful ingredients that are well known for their ability to protect you from too much UV exposure. You can always read our testimonials for validation or consider our chosen ingredients and form your own opinion!

    "I came across Brad from Against The Grain Health at my local farmers market and was immediately keen to find out more about Brad's sunscreen. My children (10 and 8 years old) have reacted to every natural sunscreen I have tried. Reactions have ranged from red skin, rashes, and/or pimples where sunscreen is applied. After talking with Brad and trying some on myself, I decided to give Brad's sunscreen a go. WOW, to my surprise neither of my children had a reaction. Both of my children attended a 5 day outdoor soccer camp last week over the school holidays from 9am to 3pm daily. I wasn't too keen on the soccer camp due to them having to be in the sun for 30 hours at the worst time of day. My children, reapplied the sunscreen every 2 hours and not only did they not have a reaction but they didn't get burnt either. I also love that the ingredients are all natural, the formula is non-oily and doesn't have a strong smell to it. Brad's No Funny Business Sunscreen is the best I have ever tried. Thanks Brad for developing such a great product". - Leighanne, QLD

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    How to Apply

    There is a knack! Once you have 'the knack' this sun protection is a pleasure to use.

    Simply warm a small amount between the fingertips, tap onto exposed areas, ensuring even coverage, and simply rub to skin colour.