2022 Reflection

2022 Reflection

Alas we emerge from the vortex of relative time. 

Another year hits the highway of the past...
Twas as if the felt experience of time was so radiantly full of happenstance, Cinderella was dashing to the midnight carriage with no shoes on at all!
Immense change, challenge and opportunity collapsing the space time continuum and speeding up our sense of it passing through us.
Paradoxically in the same breath you could say that past year had at least 3 years worth of big moments!
If the year thats was 2022 didn't feel immensely challenging, yet poetically beautiful then perhaps one has not been paying attention to the significant opportunities for change and growth, within and without.
With the speeding up, comes the need for slowing down...
Coming back to deep presence and unwinding from our virtual realities.
Taking pleasure in the moment, presence with family, joy and laughter with friends.
Gratitude for the beauty and goodness available to you when you take a moment to stop and notice it. The symphony of connectivity is always at play around and through you. The trick is to simply notice it and let it take you for a ride.
The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve. But a reality to experience...
A process that cannot be understood by stopping it.
We must move with the flow of the process.
We must join it!
We must flow with it.


 If we can bring ourselves to simply witness the play at hand, we do not attach so readily too outcomes and we can reconnect with the feelings that arise in the present moment. 

The language we as a collective are all trying to reconnect with, is one of feeling...
We are also blessed with the divine logos (mind) and alike anything so powerful we are always seeking to find balance. Balance between how the thought or narrative influences our nervous system state and the feeling. How can we bring more attunement to this swinging pendulum of possibility? 
A unique aspect in the consciousness of human beings is our capacity to time travel. Forecasting future possibilities or reflecting on the past. Eventually coming back to the now, the only now.
One can often become lost in the loop of time travel. Spending too much time adrift on the emotionally driven narratives that continue to fractalize our attention from coming back to the realness of the present moment.
A wonderful tool indeed, this imagination... 
Allowing us to harness the potential of this human experience.
An unsurpassed technology...
You are the technology! 
What do we learn on our time travel and how do we apply it?
Maxwell Maltz wrote a fantastic book on the power of the imagination called 'Psycho-cybernetics' - If one is to forecast a clear image of what they desire and imagine it as if it were so; be it past, present or future.
One is able to rewrite history...
Simply stated - the human mind cannot differentiate between a memory and something that is visually imagined... 
The cornucopia of our memory of past and expectations of future is essentially what is informing us presently...
How we imagine ourselves within the world?
How we imagine the world? 
How you rewrite the script everyday is key to your evolution dear reader.
Whatever it is you are going through, the mind can set you free or it can imprison you. The difference you decide... how you imagine it so and how you bring conscious awareness to the familiar song that you play to yourself.
Bringing more presence and reflection to the script that plays from the shadows of the subconscious...
Belief, intention and imagination fuse to form the fiction that we live by. 
To deeply feel in that place, is a medicine for all.
Coming back, coming home to our intuition and higher mind.
How we visualise our relationship with life is often how life meets us.
All the moments that come and go deeply connected to your manner of magnetism.



The chaos of the cosmic soup is at play within you, and it's time to remember our power is in reclaiming who we are.
With great change comes to new energy to support the growth in the individual.
A recalibration of self. An attunement to the symphony of energies that are Earthside to support the creation of a new paradigm.

So dear fellow men and women...
What frequencies are you sending out through your antenna?
What are they resonating with, pulling in, pushing away?
What vision are you holding for future generations?
What intention are you holding for yourself and this life?
How is your personal evolution, aligning with your purpose to help you raise up those around you?
To connect to the energies that are here to support a future that is bright.
What can you create now?
How can you be of service to this Earth and its heavenly beings? 
Are you a mum and dad raising a family of conscious aware and full spectrum children?
Or simply a caring grandmother or father that brings hope that kindness can remain despite this challenge called life?
Are you taking action in birthing community projects that help bring people together?
Are you doing the inner work, knowing that as you break through you do it for all?
Are you offering healing services that truely honour the wholelism of human potential?
"Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but by the lack of meaning & purpose” - Victor Franki

What do you want?
Live it. Breath it. Imagine it. This is how magic is done.
Everything you have been through has landed you exactly where you need to be.
You create the future you want by living from that place now. Working with what you’ve got is enough.
Really deeply believing your intention is coming to life, is the source that feeds your inner flame.
Believe in yourself.
Doing the ‘work’ is your deeper emotional healing that if not reconciled takes form.
Be it as a freak accident, relationship dramas, disease. Psycho somatic alchemy is key to our evolution.
Feeling is healing.
Safety and trust in life and in others can be found through the lived experience.
Let us live with a gusto for goodness.
Risk everything and jump into the abyss of the unknown...
Nature rewards courage my friends and you will need that in abundance.
For the future is bright, and the light is you.