Words of Wisdom for those moving from Worrier to Warrior

Words of Wisdom for those moving from Worrier to Warrior

Despise it or alchemise it; Resist it or assist it; Fold or focus⁠.

Personal growth not for the meek mannered. ⁠
These shifts take a great heart to awaken.⁠
A calm mind to seek deeper, yet remember when mistaken.⁠

Connection with spirit and nature to fill the void, melt the rifts and satisfy the itch.
⁠The external world is folding in on itself and we are all riding that.⁠
The need for change within, being reflected in the way we are perceiving, believing and choosing.⁠

The layers of what hasn’t been fully acknowledged is showing up hard;⁠
In our inner and outer worlds. ⁠
This process of becoming more whole (holy) is such an immensity; ⁠
Yet with more ease we can transverse the fine paradoxical line.⁠
This epoch in time; ⁠
Consciousness catalysation synchronisation. ⁠

Becoming and remembering our inner tuition power station.⁠
Not here to appease the masses, but to be real with what’s within you! ⁠
Trapped emotion caught by your holding, creates tension in life’s unfolding. ⁠
How can you share without ripping back others fears? ⁠

Blinking back the tears, its been years since we felt so deeply.⁠
Been so much healing, it’s become old news. ⁠
Finally arriving to you, past people pleasing; past the fears.⁠
Now the pissed off people easing. ⁠

You are exactly where you need to be. ⁠
Peeping through your soul’s window. ⁠
The wild nature of life appearing from behind the shadow. ⁠

As it was. As it is. As it will be. ⁠