Potent Poetry from People to Plants

Potent Poetry from People to Plants

Dear Saffron, your beauty and potency astounds.

Medicine for the skin, the blood, the mind and all aspects within our divine.

We love mixing you into our special formulations.

You bring a presence that deepens with each interaction.

So immense is your beauty we await patiently your bloom.

And then it happens, but never too soon.

That we hand pick with tweezers; 3 stigma strands from your inner womb.

Of course, there is a great expense to your elegance.

Yet, it's one we’d make forever more.

For, they're ain't no creation without destruction. And they're ain't no pleasure without pain.

You can count on Saffron, sure as the sun shines bright.

To be an everlasting sight by our side.

A truely supportive influence within.

As we soar high and we take a good whiff. 

Of this life. Of this Flower. Oh what a gift.