The geometry of life and our inextricable connection to the all.

The geometry of life and our inextricable connection to the all.

Every cell in our body is based on the 5 Platonic Solids

Our very nature is geometrical in origin. The structure of Space itself, that which scientists call the Vacuum, is not empty space but rich in platonic solid geometries, tessellating, embedding, inter-penetrating, fusing, compounding, overlapping, integrating, interdigitating, reflecting. And since our bodies are 99.999% space we can conclude that our whole species creation is based on the universal language of sacred geometry!

These 5 Platonic Solids, revered by Pythagoras 2,500 years ago, were used to explain the Celestial Music of the Planetary Spheres, which had one single purpose:

Platonic solids
Platonic solids
Platonic solids
Platonic solids
Platonic solids


The Sacred MerKaBa - the Divine Chariot - neutralizing duality of self by joining upper and lower. [Mer = light / Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body ~ Soul in transition]

The vehicle to the Divine?
It’s said that the Merkaba is situated around the human body like a 3D geometric web that is dormant and waiting to be activated. When soul is awakened and "remembers" - it can begin to change and transform certain aspects of itself. It enables expanded awareness, and deeper understanding. The merkaba neutralizes the duality of the nature of Self. It is activated by letting go of the material world desires and entering within your self- your unconscious. The journey of the underworld.

The 6 pointed star - it is the 6th sense revealing itself to the 5 physical senses.



C60 is a completely natural master molecule which offers tremendous potential.
It is understood that C60 doesn’t cure anything; it removes the free radicals and
toxins that prevent your body from healing itself.


This special form of carbon crystal is 100-1000 times more effective than
any other known antioxidant!
Ageing and disease are directly relational to the accumulation of free radical and
toxin damage to the body. C60 fullerene is proving to be the world's best
neutralizer of harmful free radicals and a universal antioxidant.

We humans are carbon based creatures, as is all biological life on our planet.
Stars that go supernova are responsible for creating majority of the elements that
make up the human body. Carbon is a natural element that is everywhere in
space and comprises about 18% of our body.

C60 is a special geometrical form of sixty carbon atoms joined in perfect
structure that forms a sphere made of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons which has
become known as a Bucky Ball or fullerene

How it works to assist our divine physiology..
Antioxidants get 'used up" as well as eliminated by the kidneys and many are not
fat-soluble and can't neutralize many types of chemicals and free radicals, nor
reach lipid-rich locations in the human body. Lipofullerene C60 is recycled by
the cells providing continuous protection from free radical damage.
The effectiveness of C60 to protect cells from degradation is beyond anything
known to date and really cannot be compared to vitamin C or any other
antioxidant free radical scavenger. Fullerene C60 even neutralizes normally
lethal doses of hepatotoxins (a toxic chemical substance that damages the liver)
as demonstrated in the famous rat longevity study conducted in France.
The unique quality of C60 is that is adsorbs as opposed to absorbs free radical
toxins. This means that it binds them to its external structure then safely
removes them from the body.


Do you think the patterns in nature are randomly generated? What if we told you there’s an underlying mathematics in all of nature's creation?

The patterns in nature can be reproduced in computer graphics when we know the numbers & relationships used to form the geometry. Not only natural forms can be reproduced digitally, but also the laws of chemistry & physics.

The components in nature can be simulated thru numbers alone. The symmetry of the cactus & succulents can be reproduced thru Parametric Equations in computer graphics. This type of geometry recurs at all scales of reality & it’s easily explained thru the mathematical laws of rotations. All energy & vibration in nature obeys simple mathematical laws. There exists an omnipresent universal mathematical matrix composing all of reality.

The mathematical matrix containing the codes of nature's creation has been known for a long time, but only those with the eyes to see knows about its existence

By, Robert Edward Grant


Cacti sacred geometry


We are all fractals of light. Life on earth emerges from light.

Light is electric — electromagnetic.

Electricity is a fractal expression of energy in motion.

Roots are fractals just like electricity, because energy follows the path of least resistance and best efficiency.

All life forms are fractals because physics, chemistry and all matter exhibits fractal properties.

Look at nature and see the pattern of infinity which exists inside us and in all of the entire universe: fractals are omnipresent in all scales of nature, for fractals of light are the basis of form. Where there are Consciousness there are fractals.

Life or consciousness could not exist if not for the fractal properties of electricity, which is just a manifestation of light itself, also known as electromagnetism.

Geometry in nature, from symmetry to asymmetry, are a result of electromagnetic interactions.

Without this force form in matter could not exist as it is.


fractal light through trees