A Chance For Change

A Chance For Change

There is no doubt that the corona virus is bringing up some truths that we need to deal with as a collective. A state of emergency may yet be called in Australia, at which point we are presented with an opportunity to take a step back, support our loved ones, and reflect on all that is.

We are in unprecedented times. Tough times. Yet, in some way we have all experienced this process of rapid change before. When we reflect back on our lives and we see clearly how one happening allows for another, call it hindsight, we see the silver lining potential. Then we start to realise that in order for us to be here as we are now, every single aspect of all those experiences was essential. The events we are taught to label as ‘bad’ or ‘unfortunate’ or ‘negative’ helped produce the chaos which shook your world for long enough, you had no choice but to allow for more change, more growth, more awareness, more abundance. I invite you, my dear community, to take a walk with me and ask some pertinent questions. Let us explore how perspective can shift even the darkest of hours…

If it all went to shit tomorrow and a one month home quarantine was enforced - how prepared are you as an individual to learn deeply from this experience? Are we as a collective worried about the virus or is it the underlying truth that our carefully constructed life and world view is about to change drastically? Is it fear of survival, or rather... fear of change, fear of failure, fear of not enough, fear of overwhelm, fear of doubt, fear of letting go, fear of not in control? What happens when the virus is yesterday's news...do we just go back to 'time for money' and pretend it didn't/won't happen again? Do you believe this will happen again in your life time? Imagine you know 100% that this time next year we experience another pandemic. Given you’ve now seen how quickly our world can dismantle, what changes will you make to your life and beliefs? Are we willing to change our behaviours, perceptions and comfortably repeated choices as individuals to allow for the greater good of the planet and all its beings? What does that look like to you? As above, so below. Epigenetics has proven that human condition is reflected in the state of our external environment. What are you doing to increase your vitality? What are you doing to support the environment that supports you?

How many agreements have we made in which we seek to define what is, justifying our actions and reactions?

What are the words we have all agreed upon, that enforce meaning we would be better off without? Is there more to life than we've been allowing ourselves to experience? Who are you, without all the stories?

If you define your beliefs, and what we believe creates the filter through which we experience life, then who is the you that creates a belief in the first place?

Imagine for a moment that you are not your thoughts. Rather an antenna for the symphony of collective thoughts. What is it about you that attracts particular thoughts and not others?

Why do some stick and others just simply melt away?

We have all noticed the human tendency to be stuck on repeat because it’s safe, its comfortable, it’s our own little personalised bubble with which we navigate the world. Using normality to avoid the emotions we have been conditioned to believe are ‘bad’. We create and collect palatable beliefs about reality to better understand, control and justify our experiences. We neatly package them up as our version of truth and stack them in the corner of our minds, alongside all the other perception collections. There they await ready for us to open when presented with an opposing view. How exhausting is that! What happens when you are ready to start throwing out the belief boxes because they no longer serve you? In other words, what happens when you change?

Aside from the obvious opportunity we have as a collective right now, how can we as individuals pay closer attention to our own personal chance for change? A chance may be represented by what we call a coincidence. When a coincidence is so profound, it makes you pause and wonder, that is your inner being calling you to pay attention to the role you are playing in creating your own destiny. This is exactly the position the entire world is in right now. A pause in the program so we may see clearly. As Deepak Chopra so elegantly puts it, the merging of coincidence and destiny can be called synchrodestiny. Understanding the flow of how seemingly disconnected events can come together and bring fulfilment into our lives, enables us to powerfully leverage the intelligence of the universe. Ripples of change come from the furthest reaches of the cosmos to the daily events in our lives. One of the main principles of synchrodestiny is recognising and celebrating this cosmic dance. Trusting that there is a rhythm to life and when we live in harmony with that rhythm. In this process of not resisting, we can make miracles happen with no limit and without end.

Everything in life, starts with you and then it unfurls into reality, not the other way around. How often have you said to yourself “I can be this when I have this or when this happens.” What if first you become that which you seek to attract, then allow for the universe to bring it to you. Reality in a way, projects back to us the way we see the world. When we experience anything new, the first thing we do is seek to define it by what has been before. So in the art of allowing for what is, unlearning stagnant belief systems is a practice worth the candle. A really simple way to navigate the process of unlearning is via the Byron Katie method (link at end of blog). Simply ask, Is it true? (yes or no only). Now be the observer of the minds desire to run off with all the wondrous potential of the human imagination. Ask again, can I absolutely know that is true? We cannot change what we haven’t realised is there. Misplaced perception creates suffering and the truth will set you free.


Truth is a knowing. You’ll know it because you’ll feel it deep within your being. What does it feel like? Well at first, it feels very uncomfortable, until you’ve broken the spell of your story. All of a sudden you are in some way lighter, less dense, less weighed down. At this point you will probably smile, or laugh or cry or both. The feeling of embracing your knowing is immensely liberating because you are trusting yourself first and foremost. You’ll know, when you know, you know.

In this knowing, the opportunity for growth and awareness is always available to you. Ever noticed that when we ask for guidance or change, we do not get to choose what it looks like when it rolls into our lives. We’ve spent our entire lives identifying with our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs and when presented with change we feel it an unsettling commotion. To fully capture the potential of a new experience, you must trust your instinct for divinity. That gut feeling. If you cannot bring yourself to trust yourself as a companion of change, you will default to what you’ve always done. For many, this involves succumbing to confusion, uncertainty, doubt and settling back into a comfortable program. You are a child of the divine and your ultimate reality is decided by how you choose to perceive life. Everything that happens in the universe is connected. If we continue to define ourselves by what has been before, then we deny ourselves the chance to be liberated.

Change is the divine plan. Everything until now including virus’s, technology, money, war, religion has all been a piece of the great puzzle which manifests as the now. The current global events are in essence presenting as symptoms of our ongoing disharmony within and without. The recent rattling of the modern humans’ idealistic comfort cage offers us all a chance to stop playing for a moment. To observe and become more aware. To reconnect with what we are really here to experience. Everything that humanity has done to discredit the natural order has been necessary up until now. Now we have the chance to flip the script. To take all of our dreamed-up creations that have harmed the planet and its beings and start to use them for good. As conscious beings, we get to transmute the word, the idea, the technology, the rhythms of life into whatever we most highly value. If we truly value life on earth and our connection to all that is, we can decide how it plays out in our reality. You need not fear that which sustains all life. You need not fear nature, you need not fear the sun, you need not fear. The greatest threat to your being is the idea that we must protect ourselves from and reinvent the natural state of the universe. You are nature. Nature is you. There is no separation. When we realign to the rhythms of this earth we will be flowing with the entire universe. We must never forget who we really are beyond the story we've acquired and reconnect with what is. Love is. Nature is. Connection is. Empowerment is.

I know you will be fine, amongst your family. Making the most of this break in the game.

Reflect upon your life as though death soon awaits you. This is your chance to redefine everything, to live on and thrive.

Forever your counterpart in truth and knowing,

Brad. M.


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