The individual is first and foremost the nucleus of the bigger dreaming.
And the outer reaches of your personal journey has far reaching quantum entanglements.
Happenings that are in congruence with your innate and unique essence, strike you in that moment. Falling intuition.
We encourage our community to stay tuned IN... to the frequencies of what you want to create. To seek out lived experiences that allow you to gradually move in the direction of your choosing and focus. 
Our community is a vibrant tribe, for they've swept and wept in the dark corners of  their soul.
This world needs those to stand up in their stength, to claim their construct.
To go out there, and find others to cocreate with.
This is the the building of a path forward.
One that reveals itself to you as you walk it.
The connection you share with us through your own values is one of distinct meaning.
All of you that plug in the ATG vortex at any stage, are looking to do life a little differently and strive in our own unique way for the greater good of the Earth and its many beings.
Empowering and connecting community is what drives us.
The undeniable and brazen reaction to systemic abrasion, is to rebel by creating something of benefit.
If you would like to join us in celebrating life, come do the cosmic market dance at the Local Sunshine Coast Markets & follow us @atg_health