The Founding Dream of Against The Grain Health

The Founding Dream of Against The Grain Health

From that sweet moment when my life's experiences culminated, I knew. I knew whole heartedly that whatever came next for me, there was no thing outside of myself, that could shake me from my mission. An inner knowing, my passion for truth and the greater good of this planet was innate and now awake in me. I was born again, baptised in the realisation that there was no separation between myself and nature. I knew that my business and my values where to ride side by side, walking the tracks between life & money. Against The Grain Health was about the people of this world reclaiming their sovereignty and stepping into a new world view, one that would harmoniously support and nourish the truth of our existence and bring balance to the Earth.

The following text I have pulled out of the archives of my earliest musings. It was written shortly after I started the ATG Health, in the late months of 2016. Reading it now, after 3 years, makes me feel so incredibly guided and supported. I hope that it can shine as a lighthouse of courage for all of you that teeter on the edge of new. Having stayed true to myself over the years, I can honestly tell you dear reader, that if you move in alignment with truth, integrity & love you will be embraced into the bosom of change and your life will forever be a flowing & abundant river of richness.

"The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

The world and our civilisation is at a defining fork in the road. It is becoming difficult to ignore that our unsustainable methods of existence are destroying the planet at a rate which spells disaster for future generations. This hard truth, must serve as a defining monument behind our desire for change, as the biggest threat to our existence is our unwillingness to change and adopt new realms of thought.

We are on the verge of something truly amazing, a collective shift in consciousness so massive that the entirety of what we thought we knew about reality will change, and in its place we will once again see civilization thrive as one. Evolving with it is a cosmic understanding of our connection to universal energy and technologies, such as a limitless, clean energy source, which will allow humanity to thrive in abundance and in peace as we have before and as we were intended to. You may wonder, if this is so close to being within our grasp, why don't we know about it? One cannot convince someone of something so unbelievable, unless that individual has investigated the facts and gone beyond education systems, mainstream media, government and corporations.

So we introduce a brilliant man by the name of Nikola Tesla. Tesla invented electricity as we know it today, as well as hundreds of other technologies such as radio transmission, yet interestingly he won't feature in any of your history books. Tesla sold his polyphase AC patents for $1M and started his own company which, unfortunately wasn't much of a success, as he was more focused on research than development. He continued his research, financed by tycoon J.P.Morgan, who was also responsible for rolling out the copper wire which carried the AC current to factories and households. Nikola continued his work, unveiling incredible technology capable of transmitting wireless free, clean energy anywhere in the world - The Wardenclyffe Tower. When J.P.Morgan became aware of his work and its potential to offer free energy they immediately pulled his funding. Tesla was unable to convince other investors and was ostracized from society and labelled as a sensationalist. Tesla is really a tragic figure whose saddest flaw was having a genuine humanitarian dream in a capitalist society more interested in profitability than humanity. When Tesla died in 1943, his patents were seized by the US government for matters of national security. Excuse me? What? 

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

It is difficult for one to contemplate that such a realm of existence could be, when everything in our culturescape denies its existence. It is an equally difficult endeavour to look within one's soul, shatter your belief system, and begin to reconstruct a new world view. So,  just start simply and look beyond the veil of mainstream media. Utilise the uncensored brilliance of the internet and begin to seek understanding in whichever matter you wish. 

To understand this opportunity for a brilliant new world, it is imperative we look far beyond our recent history. For example, how can we deny that ancient civilisations possessed technology and knowledge which far exceeds what is available to the general public today. One only has to uncover the simple fact that ancient pyramids and sphinx are built with such mathematical precision that they align and mimic certain astrological signs at very specific periods in time. Who built the pyramids? What was their cosmic connection? How did they manage these monolithic feats of architecture which align with the stars? There is undeniable evidence that seemingly overnight humanity developed from hunters and gatherers to become experts in monolithic architecture and agriculture. Who taught us this information and where did they come from? The truths beyond these pertinent questions reveal a carcass of truth which suggests we have the ability to be much more than what we are today. If you would like the cold hard facts, they have all been comprehensively and brilliantly explored for us, by the likes of Graham Hancock - a truth maverik - who has devoted his life to decoding the mythological references to these ancient secrets. Secrets and stories which share a striking resemblance across multiple civilisations, scattered throughout the world, at a time when these civilisations had no physical connection to one another. Think about that...


If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things." - Rene Descartes


None of this necessarily means, quit your job, start studying ancient history. We simply encourage you to start asking why? When one starts to question why, we start taking back our responsibility for ourselves, for one another, and the good of humanity as a single connected lifeforce.