"Muzzle the dogs they said. Make sure they cover their mouths . For when they speak, they reveal and cast their spells. Humans Beings are a channel for the divine spirit and don’t realise how powerful they are.
We must keep them believing in the “fear-asco”. Keep them within the spectrum of frequency that allows us to control them subconsciously. Behaving as if they are just emotional sacks of blood and bone, with an antenna for instructions.
Send them a new list of hoops to jump through, they are squealing like hungry pigs at the gate to see what tripe we’ll pour down the idiot box”.

Do you remember when you were a child?

How important it was to your soul that you acted from a place of sovereignty. Whether a teacher, a parent, a sibling, a friend, you had to go your own way. To fall in line, didn’t come naturally. You had to be coached and coerced, offered treats. Disciplined. Put in the naughty corner. It’s a natural inclination to rebel, therefore we exist.

We are taught how to survive in this world, how to fit in and how to be a contributing member of society. All valid and important. Yet, equally important is freedom of thought. At what point does that child retain their inquisitive mind and a belly full of intuition? At what point does that adult start to think for themselves again and remember what it’s like to paint your own picture? Well my friends, that point is when you claim it back. You decide to diverge from the main stream of thought. That’s how the world evolves. You see potential for positive change and you take decisive action.

Is not about being wrong or right. Put your pride sign down.

Look broadly at the possibility, stop clinging to the way it was. Was it really that good anyway? Is our functioning society sustainable? Fu*ck no it isn’t. We’ve been riding the baby boomer gravy train, chasing the fortunes of our fathers. Walking behind, trying to put our footsteps where theirs have been. Meanwhile, the planet is choking out and innovation is bought and shelved. Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Energy, Big Brother - gradually and greedily claiming your life force, your attention, your time. To keep our imagined constructs controllable. To keep the money flowing to the few.

This is a war that started a long time ago. The war on your DNA & your individual sovereignty. The food, the water, the air, the so-called ‘medicine’. The family court, the wars, the radiation towers, the man versus the woman. The well of the modern-day mind has been gradually poisoned into submission and you can’t take a vaccine for that. You can only homoeopathically remember and reclaim your sovereignty.

The end game is approaching my fellow beings. If we don’t stand up now, Australia, there will be a great divide in society. Our freedoms, as we know them, will be memories. It’s time to speak up amongst your friends and family. It can be tough, even confronting, to challenge your loved ones, forcing them to question their acquired bias and beliefs with the possibility of cognitive dissonance. No one is comfortable being told they have bought into mainstream illusion, a false ‘safe’ reality. It’s easier to believe the message bearer is the one who is disillusioned, or heaven forbid, a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Now is the time to move past the fear of being challenged by wounded ego's and fight for your freedom. The virus is the psychic war. The vaccine, but a trojan horse. It’s a war being fought without guns or bombs: It’s a far more insidious war that attacks the very fundamentals of our survival. Those that are awakened are warriors in this war – and now is the time to educate and act, so we can speak with a level of compassion that is equally met with a fierce knowing, that it has to be said: It must be said; even if getting the message out is met with resistance and scorn.

National Cabinet is working on passing a new ‘Digital Vaccine Passport’ which will be mandatory for those travelling overseas. Whatever your views, this must raise alarm bells for anyone who values their freedom and privacy. Once in place, over time, insidiously and without us even realising what is occurring, other things will be added to this Digital Passport, that will impact your right to run your own business, to trade and exchange. Already the past year has proved we can be ‘locked’ in our homes, freely, complicity and without anyone to guard us, other than our own fear. Most of Australia is in a state of apathy: run down by the events of the past 12 months, desperately wanting this to return to “normal”.

We, The People, need to stop accepting endless diversions & rhetoric and unite amongst ourselves. In some cases you may say, ego is the anaesthesia that deadens the pain of ignorance. Pride is the burden of a foolish person. Do you serve a purpose or purposely serve?

A petition has been set up that will force debate on these new laws in Parliament. In a country of 25 million, less than 15,000 people have signed it. So please sign it and share it. Encourage everyone you know to do the same. If we all stand up, their little game will be over.

SIGN Petition HERE - https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN2463

At Easter, Jesus rose from the dead. It’s not too late for you to do the same.RISE.